Thanksgiving presents us with a unique opportunity to be kind, love others well, and practice gratitude. Yet, this time of year can be the most challenging, scary, and lonely times for anyone who has hyper awareness of their body and food. A time otherwise filled with a lot of laughter and joy can become an almost painful experience.

And to this I urge all of us to create a holiday centered less about what we are eating and more about how we feel. Create a time less about the extra pounds we may gain and more about the connection to others we will gain. The language we have begun to use around this holiday has become more focused on our plates and I want to encourage you to start taking the real holiday back.

Food tends to rob a lot of people of their joy when it has the power to tell you that you did good or bad. Resisting pie when you want it doesn’t mean you are in control and you are good. Resisting pie when you want it gives pie power to tell you what you deserve; and it makes your world small. Allow your Thanksgiving to be bigger than dessert.

Instead of spending hours debating what you will put on your plate spend hours loving the imperfections you hold that make you a human.

Instead of paying attention to how much butter your mom put in the mash potatoes pay attention to the quality of relationships you have in your life.

And instead of beating yourself up for enjoying good food identify why you are worth every bite you took.

When our bodies become the focus of our time we become robbed of one of the most wonderful gifts we are given as humans. Authentic connection to others.

So, enjoy your plate, but enjoy what surrounds your plate more.

Settle into community, call someone you miss, tell someone you are sorry, and notice what comes up for you when food isn’t the reason for the season.

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