Quarantine Challenge

Daily messages and contests to help navigate and find joy in the unknown 


HIEEE! Let’s do something fun!

AHHH. Life is weird right now, I know. If you’re like me, you are probably experiencing fear around the idea of being socially isolated and what that will mean for you physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I am truly horrible at staying still and I think God has given me that gift for times like these- when we all need something to do. So, my friend Kellyn and I decided to stir up some joy in the midsts of all of the panic. Enter… THE QUARANTINE CHALLENGE. 

Some of y’all are worried about losing human connection, motivation to move your body, dedication to the goals you’ve diligently been working towards this year, along with so many other things. Kellyn and I are here to remind you that unexpected turns don’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction. 

As we are all practicing social distancing we can still live fully- even when it seems like the world is shut down. So, join in on the fun, it’s not like you have anything better to do 🙂 

Members of The Quarantine Challenge will get:

1 daily message of encouragement and hope from your favorite therapist (ME!)

1 daily challenge that will force you to laugh, not take life so seriously, and possibly use that sequin tunic from 2012 that you’ve been “meaning” to give to Goodwill (cough cough… thats me too 🙈). 

A new online (and hopefully future real life) community of people who are feeling the same feels you are who you can connect with & lean on.

A daily updated list of online resources to keep you sane through the madness. 

PLUS: Some surprises along the way… 

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up by clicking the button below. You can join the challenge at anytime- there is no start and no projected finish. Our goal is to get as many people together as we can!
  2. Request to join the Facebook Group: Quarantine Challenge 
  3. Check your e-mail each morning at 8 am.
    1. Here you will receive some words of love from me, your updated resource list, and your daily challenge.
  4. The challenges will range from introspective prompts to get your feelings flowing to shit you will internally respond to with, “WTF?” (In a good way, like a haha this is weird and fun way)
  5. Post your completed challenge to instagram and tag @threecordstherapy and #quarantinechallenge
  6. Check the Facebook group each night around 9 pm to see Kellyn and Kat’s top posts of the day. . . who knows IT COULD BE YOU.
  7. Each night we will post a thread to the Facebook Group to invoke some convos about your favorite parts of the challenge. AKA . . . TALK TO PEOPLE. 
  8. Cool, let’s do it. 

Book Recommendations


Heart Talk- Cleo Wade

Daring Greatly- Brene Brown

Gifts of Imperfection- Brene Brown

The Body Keeps the Score- Bessel Van der Kolk MD

Scary Close- Donald Miller

Attached- Amir Levine, M.D. & Rachel S.F. Heller, M.A

Come Matter Here- Hannah Brenchar

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