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Women’s Body Image Group

A group focused on body image while growing a deeper connection to self and others.  


We are wired for connection. Group allows us to heal through relationships with people who understand your pain.


Courage comes from the latin root “cour.” Meaning, to do something with your whole heart. During group we learn to lean into our wholeness and stop compartmentalizing ourselves.


We are changing the narrative and learning how to lean into the parts of you that are right instead of the parts of you the world says are wrong.

We didn’t get here alone and we cannot get out of here alone either.

Why Group therapy

The power of group therapy is something most people have to experience to fully understand. As most of us developed our sense of selves and our understanding of the world- we experienced hurt, shame, and loneliness. We start to believe false narratives around who we need to be in order to fit in and be seen. Group helps us heal our most primal wounds by allowing us to show up in the mud feeling stuck, afraid, messy, but most importantly- real. I believe we were all born with two basic desires: To be loved & connected and to be ourselves. Somehow, somewhere, many of us were sent the message that to find the love we desire we cannot be authentic. So, we change, we morph, we separate who we are from how we show up. In the group process we heal those messages- You get to show up with others at your worst and your best- and you receive connection through it all.

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