Meet Kathryn

LPC-MHSP & Founder of Three Cords Therapy

Kat is a Nashville native who loves matcha lattes, laughing loudly, and experiencing the best that life has to offer through relationships. She was drawn to this work through a personal journey of self-discovery that happened when she stopped trying to find happiness through things that actually watered down the best parts of who she is.

Through her own experience of healing work, Kat learned that what she needed was a soft place to land – somewhere to show up, be seen, and cared for, not despite her imperfections but for them.

She has since found that many of us have never had space that felt soft enough for us to be messy, fall down, and not feel too broken to get back up. Well, that is exactly what you will do with her in her office. You’ll open up, get messy, and fall a lot. However, you’ll get back up a lot too. And when you discover the strength you have to stand up, the fall actually stops feeling so important.

Kat works from the perspective that connection is the opposite of addiction. And when we realize that humans are a species that THRIVES on connection in order to survive… it makes a lot more sense why we currently are the most addicted cohort of humans that have ever lived. Operating from an attachment focussed trauma lens Kat aims to build secure relationships within the therapy process in order for her clients to create healthy, satisfying, life giving connection in their own lives.


Vanderbilt University
M.Ed. Human Development Counseling

University of Southern Mississippi
B.S. Child and Family Studies

Previous Experience:

Primary Therapist: The Ranch

Adventure Therapist: The Ranch

Group Therapist: Foundations Recovery

Kat’s Specialties

Eating disorders, body image, addiction, trauma, life transitions, brainspotting

Clinical Rate

$160 per 50 minute session. Please note we do not take insurance.

Get to know me!

How would you describe therapy?

Therapy is like deep cleaning your garage. Everyone’s garage could use a cleaning every once in a while, you find things you didn’t had, you throw out a lot of stuff that at one point you thought you needed, and you make space for new stuff that you do actually need now. I wouldn’t call cleaning the garage fun. . . but if the right people come over to help it’s not so bad 🙂

Most unexpected part of being a therapist?

How much I learn about myself from my clients. It’s not about having all the right answers, it is about creating a space for client’s to discovertheir answers.

Favorite part of your job?

Watching a client’s face when something starts to click.

If your life was a tv show what would it be called?

“Thanks for the Invite but I’m Already In Bed”

A story about a girl who wants to be included but is really tired.

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