Meet Kathryn

Founder, LPC, MHSP

I am a Nashville native who loves matcha lattes, laughing loudly, and celebrating the ability to move my body. I was drawn to this work through a personal journey of self-discovery that happened when I stopped trying to find happiness through things that watered down the best parts of who I am. Growing up never quite sure of who I really was I spent years attempting to find who I thought others wanted me to be.

Nevertheless, No matter what I achieved I never felt good enough, validated enough, or wanted enough. I ended up with a lot of anger, loneliness, and shame and no idea how to cope. My view of self became compartmentalize and I began separating my body from my soul, my soul from my mind, and my mind from my body. I was restricting the wholeness of my identity. What I needed was a soft place to land- somewhere to show up, be seen, and cared for not despite my imperfections but for them.

I have found that many of us have never had space that felt soft enough for us to be messy, fall down, and not feel too broken to get back up. Well, that is exactly what you will do with me. We open up, we get messy, and we fall a lot. However, we get back up a lot too. And when we discover the strength we have to stand up the fall stops feeling so important. You weren’t made to be perfect- you were made to be you, let’s find who that is.

Professional Background


Vanderbilt University
      M.Ed. Human Development Counseling

University of Southern Mississippi
      B.S. Child and Family Studies


Primary Therapist: The Ranch

Adventure Therapist: The Ranch

Group Therapist: Foundations Recovery

What is Three Cords Therapy

Three Cords Therapy is rooted in the belief that healing happens when your whole self is involved. We were all created with a soul, a body, and a mind and to live fully we must pursue a team that includes all three. When we try and separate the most innate parts of who we are we cut off connection- the most basic human desire. Three Cords aims to help you gently weave yourself back together so that you can not only know yourself better but live in authentic relationships with yourself, God, and others.

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