Meet Staci


Kathryn and I are of the same soul family. I, too, am a specialty coffee drinking, wellness enthusiast born and raised in Nashville. I am a wellness enthusiast, fueled by LOVE + SERVICE! Holistic health is my thing.

I started my career solely focused on outward expressions of health – exercise, nutrition, and behavior change. Life, growth, experiences taught me that therapy is a key piece of aligning the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. I have experienced some very hard things in life. I have also received significant empathy, support, and wise counsel from others that cared to help me. Most importantly it was the strengths that others saw in me that helped me and supported my overall well-being. We all want that. I vow to give what I want! I am privileged to serve clients and journey with them as they create change in their lives. 

I am a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Marriage & Family Therapist. That makes me a Fit Therapist! Fit mind, fit body, and fit spirit. My holistic approach to fitness advocates that mental, physical, and spiritual health are the keys to unlock maximized well-being. I’m here to help!


Professional Background


Lipscomb University

M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy

Belmont University

Masters in Business Administration

B.A. Entrepreneurship


Marriage and Family Therapist Intern: Lipscomb Family Therapy Center

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern: PSYCHe 


What is Three Cords Therapy

Three Cords Therapy is rooted in the belief that healing happens when your whole self is involved. We were all created with a soul, a body, and a mind and to live fully we must pursue a team that includes all three. When we try and separate the most innate parts of who we are we cut off connection- the most basic human desire. Three Cords aims to help you gently weave yourself back together so that you can not only know yourself better but live in authentic relationships with yourself, God, and others.

Let the healing begin!


49 Music Square E,
Nashville, TN 37203


(615) 414-1831