You Need Therapy Podcast:

For those moments in between sessions 

Every two weeks Kathryn invites you into conversations around what it is like to live fully in a world where we have been accustomed to shut parts of ourselves off. 

Creating movement through conversation

Here you will find space that welcomes in discomfort, tough questions, and hard truths while at the same time modeling how to find joy through it all. 


We are wired for connection. Real conversations allow us to heal through shared experience with people who understand your pain.


Courage comes from the latin root “cour.” Meaning, to do something with your whole heart. In each episode you will hear people learning to lean into their wholeness and stop compartmentalizing themselves.


We are changing the narrative and learning how to lean into the parts of you that are right instead of the parts of you the world says are wrong.

We didn’t get here alone and we cannot get out of here alone either.

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