Table Talk Workshop

Finding community & balance around the table

The Table Talk Workshop

Food can be scary,  food can be controlling, food can be a road block to one of the most innate desires humans possess, connection. Table Talk is a unique 3 hour workshop developed to help encourage authentic connection to self, body, and others while finding balance around the table. This event was developed by myself and Jamison Worley, a local nutritionist in the Nashville area. The evening consists of a mix of experiential group activity and education around nutrition+emotions while preparing and eating a beautiful seasonal meal together. If you are someone who longs for a better relationship with self, body, and others we encourage you to fill out our intake form below. Come see what happens when we stop letting food be in charge of who we are.

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Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is a nationally certified counselor who believes healing happens when chasing perfection ends. Kathryn earned her Masters of Education in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University and now specializes in working with individuals struggling with eating disorders/addiction, body image, anxiety, and finding authenticity. Kathryn’s mission is to create a safe environment for clients to explore the truest parts of themselves. She combines a humanistic attachment-focused approach that not only invites healing but also joy into the therapeutic process.

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