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Three Cords Therapy exists to help empower you to start living the life you were created for. We believe that you are the expert in your own life AND sometimes you need a little help figuring that out.

So, who are the individuals that make up TCT? Get to know Kat, Staci, and Janie below:

Kathryn DeFatta LPC, MHSP

Kat is the founder of Three Cords Therapy. She specializes in eating disorders, body image, addiction & trauma. Kat is an Attachment focussed therapist with a trauma lens that believes the key to healing lies within healthy connection. She also stands firm in the idea that therapy gets to be both scary+hard AND fun. 

Staci Buford MMFT

Staci is a Masters level therapist who earned her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is an expert in combining deep honesty and kindness together in order to help the individuals she is working with feel cared for and accountable. 

Josie Oldham, LMSW

Josie believes that healing begins with the connection between client and therapist. She builds real relationships and enjoys nothing more than seeing you make the changes that help you live a fuller life.

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