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Who we are…

Three Cords Therapy exists to help empower you to start living the life you were created for. We believe that you are the expert in your own life AND sometimes you need a little help figuring that out.

So, who are the individuals that make up TCT? Get to know Kat, Staci, Josie & Julia below:

Kathryn DeFatta LPC, MHSP

Kat is the owner & founder of Three Cords Therapy. Her hope in creating this space was that both clinicians and clients alike would feel free to show up here and simply try. Afterall, it usually is the lack of “trying” that keeps us from getting what we want out of life, not our actual ability to do so.

Kat specializes in eating disorders, body image, addiction & trauma. She is an Attachment focussed therapist with a trauma lens that believes the key to healing lies within healthy connection. And while a lot of folks desire that healthy connection she also knows it can be terrifying.  So, she is inviting you into a space where you can just try. She also stands firm in the idea that therapy gets to be a lot of things: sometiomes it’s scary and hard, other times it’s fun and exciting, and often times it’s all of them all at once. In her office, there is room to hold it all! 

Staci Buford, MMFT

Staci is a Masters level therapist who earned her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is an expert in combining deep honesty and kindness together in order to help the individuals she is working with feel cared for and accountable. Staci has a natural gift in helping others feels both welcome and challenged at the same time. Doing so allows her clients to get closer to the YOU that they are versus what they assume others want and expect of them. 

Josie Oldham, LMSW

The thing that surprised Josie the most about becoming a therapist is how crucial the therapeutic relationship really is in the healing process. The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, its connection. So, it is not surprise that we are currently experiencing a lonliness epidemic and living in the most addicted cohort of human beings that ever existed. The good news is that you don’t have to have everything figured out in order to deserve true connection.

Josie loves getting to show those that she works with that it’s actually our “not knowing” that opens the space for the most meaninghful relationships. Therapy with Josie gets to serve as both a place to show up and be seen & a safe example that shows clients the true gifts in allowing that to happen.

Julia Langner, MA, NCC

Julia has an person-centered and trauma-informed approach to therapy. This means you have the autonomy
to decide where we go and how fast we get there. She invites in narrative therapy through an attachment framework to help clients heal the parts of themselves that get messy, bruised, and a little misconstrued through life. Which is a fancy way to say: She helps clients both identify old stories that don’t quite work for them anymore and then find the strength to write new ones that do. Oh and… Are you looking for brainspotting or EMDR? Look no further 🙂 

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