A couple weeks ago I saw a picture of a snickers bar next to 25 stalks of celery with something written about how 1 snickers is equal to the same amount of calories in 25 stalks of celery. Real question:


Zero people.

Nevertheless, the way we as a culture have started to eat has become trendy over balanced and it is starting to get very weird.

We are baking brownies out of black beans and bread out of cauliflower.

To be honest- I find myself caught in it too sometimes. I am of one of these people. I have done Whole30 like 4 times. I have gone gluten free before too. I have totally made “Protein pancakes” out of eggs and bananas AND I instagrammed them.

 A couple of months ago I made “wheat thins” out of plantains. They were disgusting (basically imagine dry wall paste and engine oil baked at 350 for an hour) but for about a day a half I tried to convince myself and other people that I liked them.

I eventually stopped and said to myself, “I can have regular wheat thins. I don’t have any food allergies. Why did I make these?”

 FYI: Gluten doesn’t make everyone bloat. It is just basic life that when you eat a bowl of pasta your stomach doesn’t look the way it does when you wake up.

It is time we start believing that this is ok.

  What would happen if we stop shaming the foods we enjoy?

Did you know: If we create space to enjoy the foods we actually like in our diets we will stop craving the foods we decide are “bad.” Its true! When we stop limiting ourselves and  defining certain foods as good or bad we stop obsessing over the “bad” foods. And the best part is- there never has to be “bad” foods. So eat the Snickers; because after you eat 25 stalks of celery you are still going to want the snickers.

 And I am not saying eating black bean brownies is bad. Today I may want a black bean brownie. But tomorrow I may want a double chocolate real brownie;

The permission you give yourself to have both is the key.

What would it be like if eating real food became trendy rather than ice cube tacos and dairy free carrot cheese fries.

What would it be like if we cared more about what the people cooking us dinner were saying than what type of oil they are using?

And finally, what would it be like for you to stop giving food so much power?

I bet you would spend less time worrying about what’s wrong with you and finally more time celebrating what is right.

If you want to open up a discussion around some of these questions don’t be shy- I want to talk, I want to listen, and I want to grow a community where that is possible.

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